About MyRPL(Racquetball Power Ladder)
About MyRPL

My name is Clement L Murphy III (CL) and I am the person behind MyRPL.com. I started playing racquetball in December of 2001, while working on a contract for my company in Lajes Air Force Base. One of the guys that went on the trip with me got me started playing racquetball. Before racquetball the only other sport that I played post high school was basketball. Now, I find myself playing more racquetball than basketball. After I arrived back to the states, I purchased my first racquet, an Ektelon Power Ring Ultralite and started playing sporadically. The only problem was I didnít have anyone to play so I mostly practiced by myself. I convinced one of my best friends to start playing late in 2002. We began to play each other at our local recreation center on a more consistent basis. A couple years went by until we both joined a local YMCA that had two courts. I was anxious to meet new players and learn different aspects of the game, but I found it difficult because most of the racquetball players usually had their one or two partners that they played and when their games were over, they left.

The YMCA had a double elimination tournament at the end of 2004 that I entered. During the tournament I played two different players that I normally wouldnít have played. This tournament was the single factor that started it all. I enjoyed the fact that the tournament allowed you to play different players, even if you didnít know them. However, I didnít like the way the tournament was organized. I decided to attempt to improve the tournament and make it more exciting, so that everyone who joined who have a better experience. I started Googling the internet for racquetball tournament guidelines and came across a few sites about racquetball ladders. I did some research and liked the concept but not the typical rules. I decided that the best solution would be to put a spin on the ladder and base the rankings on a point system. The Racquetball Power Ladder concept came in existence on April 7th 2005. The first version of RPL was written in Microsoft Access and the first ever RPL league started on May 30, 2005. I initially had 3 players that first week and for a while no one seemed interested in the RPL league, half of the players that played at the YMCA didnít even know what it was all about. I pressed on and kept updating the ranking sheets from week to week at the YMCA. I created a web front end that I would upload data to from the Access version in June. Shortly thereafter, the RPL had grown from 3 players to about 15-20 players after only 3 months. I made more changes to the code to allow for Cut Throat matches for the next version of the Access program that I would use for the second season of the RPL. By the end of season two, 30 players at my YMCA had contacted me to join the RPL. They loved the ladder league so much that it got me thinking that I should make it so that not only could the guys in my league could play but anyone anywhere. The only problem was that I had been writing code in Access since March that I knew would have to be re-written using PHP most likely. I refocused myself and started coding for MyRPL.com in early October. The first beta version of MyRPL.com was released early January of 2006 for members at my local YMCA. BETA TWO was released on Feb 1, 2006 for the general public.

The goal of MyRPL.com is to grow this great sport of racquetball and for players to meet and make lasting friendships. I hope you enjoy MyRPL.com and if you have any questions, concerns, or see something that can be improved or isnít working properly; please contact me via email. Tell a friend about MyRPL.com and letís grow this sport even more. Always remember when playing that every point counts!