MyRPL Advantages (Racquetball Power Ladder)
MyRPL Advantages

Advantages of the Racquetball Power Ladder

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  1. It's free
  2. Create your own customized ladder in minutes
  3. It was designed by a racquetball player (intermediate at best) solely for the sport of racquetball
  4. It's web based and can be reached from any location
  5. The ladder manages itself; all that is needed is input of the match scores
  6. Players can enter in their match scores if the commissioner sets up this option
  7. The point system accurately ranks players skill levels against other league players
  8. Play anyone on the ladder you want, with no restrictions
  9. Bonus points reward players for playing different opponents
  10. Penalty points keep the league active
  11. The Match Scheduler emails match requests to all players in your league
  12. League message boards allow players to communicate with other league players
  13. League news boards enables the league commissioner to post league matters
  14. Play One vs. One or Cut Throat matches
  15. Everything is automated: statistics, league leaders, records, streaks, etc ...

Disadvantages of a traditional racquetball ladder
  1. Restrictions on players you are allowed to challenge
  2. Rankings are usually not consistent with a player's skill level
  3. A bad or good match moves a player possibly 3 positions on the ladder no matter the score
  4. No incentive for playing different opponents
  5. League activity is monitored manually and most ladders are manually updated
  6. Challenging other players is a hassle
  7. Only able to play One vs. One matches