MyRPL Create Ladder Help (Racquetball Power Ladder)
MyRPL Create League Guideline

Complete step by step instructions to create your own RPL league

Create MyRPL account

1. Visit and create a RPL player account
      * After you have created your account, a verification email will be sent to you
2. Click or copy and paste the URL in the verification email into your internet browser
      * You will not be able to login until this step has been completed
3. Once you are able to login, click the button on the left that says “Create League”

League Information

4. Enter your league name
5. Enter your league description
6. Select the start and end dates for the league
7. Select your league type
      * Private – You will have to type in a password for this league. Any players that wish to join this league will have to know the league’s password. If you desire to create a private league, make sure you have a means of getting your password out to your players.
      * Public – Any RPL player will be allowed to join this league if they desire
8. Select the league’s gender
9. Select the country, city, and state of the league

League Settings

10. Select the league’s bonus points (0 - 2 points)
      * Bonus points get applied to a player’s total points when a player plays an opponent in the league for the first time. This gives players an incentive to play different people.
11. Select the league’s penalty points (0 - 2 points)
      * Set the number of points you wish to subtract from a player's total points if they do not play a league match within the set number of days.
12. Select the league’s idle days (0 – 31 days)
      * Idle days are the number of days a player can go without playing a match before the penalty points take effect. This gives players an incentive to keep the league active.
13. Select who will be allowed to input the league’s match scores
      * Commissioner Only – The commissioner is the only person allowed to enter in the match scores.
      * League Players – Players are allowed to enter match scores only from matches they played in.
      * Both
14. Click the “Create MyRPL league” button
15. Click the “League Settings” button
16. Click the link that says “Create / Edit league play sites and courts”
      * Add your play sites and phone numbers
17. After your play sites have been created, you need to add courts for each play site
18. Your league has been successfully setup and you are the league’s commissioner
19. Print out a drop box cover sheet from the “League Settings” page if needed
20. Print out the MyRPL Flyer on the “League Settings” page to promote your league