MyRPL Rules (Racquetball Power Ladder)
MyRPL Rules

RPL League Rankings

A Power Rankings ranks players based on their skill, the skill of their opponents, and the margin of victory or defeat. Every RPL one on one match played impacts the power rankings of both players in opposite ways (one gains points and the other loses the inverse of the points), cut throat matches use a slightly different formula. Players are given a default power ranking of 60 points after joining a league. The point change for every match played is calculated using MyRPL’s custom ranking formula.

Singles Matches

Cut Throat matches (3 players)

MyRPL Ranking Algorithm

The ranking algorithm is pretty simple. It calculates the point spread by taking the winners points - losers points. Then the difference in the power rankings are calcuated the same way, winners power ranking - losers power rankings. I divide the results of these two equations by scalers to keep the point changes from drastically changing. The losers point change for an one on one match is just the inverse of the winners point change. The cut throat formula is a bit more creative because there are two losers, but it mimics the one on one formula. Dr. Rob Stimets created this formula and I would like to give him his due credit. This entire algorithm talk seems to be very "hush hush" like the BCS formula for some reason. Maybe at a later time I will able to release the actual algorithm but it may get tweaked over time so for now I will have to keep it under wraps. Just remember one thing ... Every Point Counts so don't take any off points, even if you are ahead.